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20 Things You Should Probably Always Buy at Target

Source: Courtesy of Target

Market Pantry frozen snacks

The frozen aisle at Target is enormous compared to Walmart’s. It includes a line of exclusive Market Pantry brand of frozen snacks like pizza rolls and cheese sticks, most priced well below $10.

Source: Courtesy of Target

Market Pantry ketchup, mustard, etc.

Target’s Market Pantry includes low-cost ketchup and mustard that are priced at or below popular comparable brands. A 14-ounce bottle of Market Brand spicy brown mustard and a 20-ounce bottle of ketchup are currently priced at 99 cents apiece.

Source: Courtesy of Target

Method cleaning products

Targets has an ample selection of its in-house brand of Method cleaning products. A 25-ounce bottle of floor cleaner is currently priced at $4.99, while 68-ounce refills for several spray cleaners are sold for just $6.49.

Source: Courtesy of Target

Mondo Llama arts and crafts supplies

Target’s website shows 50 pages of arts and craft supplies, but check out its house Mondo Llama brand for the best deals on children’s projects like paint-by-numbers canvas kits, wooden mobiles, and customizable wooden bird houses.

Source: MJ_Prototype / iStock via Getty Images

OTC drugs

Target’s regular and in-house brand up & up over-the-counter drugs are priced to compete with those from drugstore chains and Target’s main rival, Walmart. A 16-ounce bottle of up & up’s version of Pepto-Bismol is currently priced at $3.49, while 100 caplets of 500 mg Tylenol pain reliever may be had for $11.59.