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The Best Chinese Restaurant in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Rochelle S. via Yelp

Oklahoma: China Garden
> Location: Tulsa

Tulsa’s unassuming China Garden is a must-visit for locals on the hunt for an authentic taste of China. A variety of dry pot dishes, homestyle soups, and house specials including double cooked pork, mala sirloin, and salad & pepper squid keep the regulars happy. Braised pork, dan dan noodles, and homemade dumplings are also favorites.

Source: Courtesy of Charlie T. via Yelp

Oregon: Duck House
> Location: Portland

Duck into Portland’s hip and buzzy Duck House for some seriously authentic Szechuan cuisine. Start off with a wide variety of housemade dim sum and dumplings, including xiao long bao (soup dumplings), pan fried buns, and scallion pancakes. Then follow up with a spicy hot pot, Chongqing style prawns or chicken, smoked pork belly with leeks, dan dan noodles, and mapo tofu. Don’t forget the sticky rice balls for dessert.

Source: Courtesy of Eddie C. via Yelp

Pennsylvania: Sang Kee Peking Duck House
> Location: Philadelphia

A Chinatown destination since 1980, Philly’s Sang Kee Peking Duck House has been roasting traditional Peking ducks daily since day one; in fact, they claim to be the city’s first restaurant to serve the specialty. Traditional Hong Kong-style BBQ roast pork, ribs, and duck are also specialties of the house, along with steamed soy sauce or ginger scallion chicken, congee, Peking pork chops, and a wide variety of noodle soups. If you’re feeling spendy, order the whole lobster in a variety of preparations. And, because this is Philly after all, they even offer cheesesteak fried rice.

Source: Courtesy of Tieria Y. via Yelp

Rhode Island: Cheng Du Taste
> Location: Pawtucket

If you find yourself in Pawtucket with a hankering for real-deal Szechuan food, head to Cheng Du Taste, located just off I-95. Regulars rave about the light and fluffy juicy pork buns, Chongqing diced chicken, dan dan noodles, sliced pork belly with garlic, sautéed shredded ginger duck, country style tofu, and — to balance out the heat — cold sesame noodles.

Source: Courtesy of Sunny L. via Yelp

South Carolina: Old Li’s Restaurant
> Location: Charleston

The best Chinese food in South Carolina can be found about a 15 minute drive from downtown Charleston. The family-owned Old Li’s offers a wide variety of Chinese favorites, and the seafood section of their menu is a real standout: don’t miss salt & pepper shrimp skewers, garlic crayfish, and spicy crab. Other standouts include three cup chicken, sweet & sour pork ribs, and Yuxiang eggplant.