Special Report

100 Years of Robots: How Technology - And Our Lives - Have Changed

Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech

16. Voyager 1
> Year: 1977
> Made by: NASA

The NASA robot Voyager I became the first human-made object to measure interstellar space on Aug. 25, 2012, when it crossed beyond the heliosphere. Voyager 1 continues to provide insights of the space frontier, measuring the density of material in interstellar space.

17. 2-XL
> Year: 1978
> Made by: Tiger Electronics

Mego produced the first talking robot toy in 1978. 2-XL’s educational programs on various subjects were recorded on eight-track tapes. The toy asked and answered children’s questions. After Mego filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations, Tiger reintroduced the toy in 1992.

Source: airandspace / Flickr

18. Canadarm
> Year: 1981
> Made by: Canadian Space Agency

The Canadarm was a mechanical arm that was remotely controlled. It was made of titanium and stainless steel. Developed in Canada, it was about 20 feet long with a wrist, elbow and shoulder. The Canadarm fixed satellites and moved cargo. It served NASA’s Space Shuttle program for 30 years and was retired in 2011.

Source: Courtesy of http://www.rbrobotics.com

19. RB5X
> Year: 1985
> Made by: RB Robot Corporation

RBX5 was the first mass-produced home robot kit. When assembled, the robot weighed 24 pounds and could travel at 4 inches per second. The robot could be programmed to speak, travel about a room using a sonar system, and fetch small objects.

Source: Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images News via Getty Images

20. Robosaurus
> Year: 1989
> Made by: Doug Malewicki

The transforming dinosaur robot Robosaurus is modeled on the Transformer toy series. The driver of the robot sits in the creation’s head and Robosaurus can transform into a 48-foot semi trailer from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The 30-ton Robosaurus cost $2.2 million and took two years to build.