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45 Famous Celebrity “Jeopardy!” Contestants

The first ever “Celebrity Jeopardy!” aired in 1992 and pit famous comedian Carol Burnett, popular soap opera actor Donna Mill, and game-show host Regis Philbin against each other. Fans enjoyed the show so much, a series of celebrity tournaments were launched.

Over the years, many celebrities — from TV personalities and journalists to politicians and movie stars — have competed on the popular game show. Some ended up making mistakes that no one has been able to forget (thinking of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer many wrong answers that left him $4,600 in debt), while others surprised everyone with their depth of knowledge and high scores — even if they didn’t win.

To select 50 famous celebrity “Jeopardy!” contestants, 24/7 Tempo compiled a list of 270 celebrities who have competed on the game show from the Jeopardy website and Jeopardy fan sites. To select 50 famous celebrities, we consulted daily average Wikipedia pageviews for the period Nov. 23, 2020 to Nov. 23, 2021. Contestants are in loose chronological order.

To do well at “Jeopardy!”, a contestant doesn’t necessarily have to be the one with the most general knowledge, but of course, that can’t hurt. The contestant really has to be the quickest to press the buzzer and quickest to come up with the answer.

It’s not different for celebrities. But as most people know celebrities outside the game show, they don’t expect them to have so much information about random subjects. And that can often turn into some staggering performances.

Wonder how you’d rate on the game show? Try answering the following some real clues and see how you stack up — can you answer these real “Jeopardy!” questions about Star Wars?

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