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Canadian Slang and Phrases Americans Just Don't Understand

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30. Molson muscle

What today has become a multinational brewing company (by merging with U.S.-based Coors) began as Molson Brewery in 1786 in Montreal. And a Molson muscle is simply a beer belly or potbelly.

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31. Pop and soda

When a Canadian asks what kind of pop you have, she’s asking about carbonated beverages like Coke and Pepsi. If she asks for a soda, she wants club soda.

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32. Icing sugar, whitener, chocolate bar

Icing sugar in Canada is powdered or confectioner’s sugar in the U.S. Whitener refers to a non-dairy coffee creamer (powder or liquid). Chocolate bar refers to a candy bar.

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33. Sorry

While Americans might fully understand the meaning of this word, it’s hard to explain how deeply ingrained it is in the Canadian culture and how it’s used. They may say “sorry” if you step on their foot, but also when they didn’t hear you well, as in “Sorry? I didn’t catch that.”

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34. The 6ix

Popularized by Drake, the 6ix, or the Six, refers to the city of Toronto — usually in the top seven most populous cities in North America, depending on the count.