Special Report

17 Things You Didn’t Know Your Pharmacist Can Do

Many people see pharmacists as the white-coated, behind-the-counter individuals who dispense pills in a bottle. While they do perform that important service, they are also capable of a lot more. Making the most of their various skills is in the best interests of patients.

24/7 Tempo spoke to a pharmacist and reviewed several health care-related sites to compile a list of behind-the-scenes services many pharmacists offer.

Pharmacists are trained experts in medicines and how they work. They often understand the complex composition of medicines better than a general practitioner (GP) because they have spent years studying them. Just like medical doctors, they have specialties, which include cardiology, critical care, infectious disease, oncology, and nutrition, among others.

So next time your pharmacist recommends taking a medication a certain way, you should pay attention. Pharmacists are the primary source of information when it comes to potential side effects and the possibility of risky drug interactions.

The more questions you ask  — as well as the more information you provide about your condition — the better your pharmacist will be able to help you. You may not know it, but pharmacists like to be used as a health resource – here are 20 other things pharmacists want you to know.

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