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20 Things You Should Always Buy at a Dollar Store

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Dollar stores have been proliferating across the country in recent years, particularly in low-income and rural areas. Some people welcome the trend as they often open in under-served areas. Others have criticized them for displacing full-service groceries and undercutting competition. 

Whatever your view of dollar stores, they do offer bargains in bulk, although not everything costs just a buck. They’re good for things you might use on a daily basis, such as coffee filters and plastic storage bags, or only on a seasonal basis, such as school supplies and holiday decorations. 

Dollar stores are a particularly good choice when there’s no point in paying more for a branded item. Do you really care who made your pool toys or what label is on your dish towels? And aspirin is aspirin whether it sells for one dollar or five. 

With all that in mind, 24/7 Wall Street has compiled a list of 20 things you should always buy at a dollar store because it doesn’t make sense to pay any more for them. (And if you’re trying to save money, watch out for these household items the prices of which are soaring.)

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1. Adhesive bandages

Hopefully you won’t need adhesive bandages every day, but it’s good to have them around when you do. Why not stock up at the dollar store?


Source: KevinDyer / Getty Images

2. Aluminum foil

There’s no need to pay a fancy price for a simple commodity, and that’s what aluminum foil is — the name says it all.

Source: DonNichols / E+ via Getty Images

3. Baking sheets

Baking sheets are like aluminum foil — a simple commodity — and they’re used by the same people too.

Source: MicroStockHub / iStock via Getty Images

4. Balloons

Kids love balloons and they’ll love you if you buy them in bulk at the dollar store.


Source: CAP53 / E+ via Getty Images

5. Beach toys

How often do you need to buy beach toys? Not much more than once a year and you don’t need to pay a whole lot for them either.

Source: Coprid / iStock via Getty Images

6. Bobby pins

For some people bobby pins are essential items. Others never use them in their lives.


Source: Issaurinko / iStock via Getty Images

7. Coffee filters

If you like coffee you might need more than one filter every day. You can buy them in bulk at the dollar store.

Source: fotostorm / E+ via Getty Images

8. Dish towels

Does it really matter what label is on your dish towel? No!

Source: P.Avakumov / iStock via Getty Images

9. Disposable razors

The dollar store is just the place for disposable items — they don’t have to be fancy and they’re not meant to last.


Source: Sezeryadigar / iStock via Getty Images

10. Envelopes

There’s no need to pay a lot for envelopes. In fact, with everybody communicating by email and text and paying bills online, soon there may be no need to pay anything for envelopes.

Source: Sner / iStock via Getty Images

11. Hair bands and scrunchies

Hair bands are like bobby pins — some people need them but they certainly don’t need to pay a lot for them.


Source: Elenathewise / iStock via Getty Images

12. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has become an essential item since the pandemic struck, but there’s no need to overpay for it.

Source: vzphotos / iStock via Getty Images

13. Holiday decorations

Why not get your holiday decorations in a dollar store? Instead of spending time making them yourself, you can buy them cheaply and use the time you spare drinking eggnog.

Source: miflippo / iStock via Getty Images

14. Painkillers

Painkillers are like adhesive bandages — good to have around just in case. And nothing is a bigger pain than wasting money.


Source: sabrinamillis / iStock via Getty Images

15. Plastic storage bags

Plastic storage bags are a basic commodity with lots of uses and there’s no need to go to a high-end store for them.

Source: ptasha / iStock via Getty Images

16. Pool toys

Pool toys are like holiday decorations — you probably only need to buy them once a year and they don’t need to be gold-plated.


Source: karandaev / iStock via Getty Images

17. Reading glasses

Getting glasses at an optician’s can be expensive. You can get them at a dollar store but if you think you need them, it’s probably a good idea to get your eyes checked by a professional.

Source: Pekic / E+ via Getty Images

18. School art supplies

School art supplies are another seasonal purchase. Kids have fun making messes. Paying too much for things is no fun for adults.

Source: PixelsEffect / iStock via Getty Images

19. Sponges

Whether for your kitchen or bathroom you don’t need a fancy label on your sponge.


Source: Kitzzeh / Getty Images

20. Storage containers

Storage containers are super useful but they can also be super expensive. They don’t have to be fancy if they’re just going to get put into a closet or shoved under a bed.

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