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Foods and Drinks Enhanced With CBD

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It seems as if every other new food or drink product these days, from wine to breakfast cereal, incorporates CBD these days. But what exactly is CBD? And is it just a trend, or here to stay? (Here are some food trends we hope never make a comeback.)

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical that’s found in marijuana. However it doesn’t have any of the drug’s psychoactive effects, which come from a different compound -THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. Far from getting you high, CBD has been found to be an effective anti-seizure medication, and is being studied as potentially beneficial for a wide range of conditions ranging from Parkinson’s to diabetes. 

Additional research has found that in the right quantities, CBD might relieve pain (especially pain associated with conditions including MS and fibromyalgia), reduce symptoms related to some mental health disorders including anxiety and depression, relieve nausea and other cancer-related symptoms, help treat neurological disorders such as epilepsy, reduce blood pressure, can improve sleep, and have certain antipsychotic effects.  

To compile a list of some readily available foods and drinks that contain CBD, 24/7 Tempo reviewed articles on the subject from numerous websites, including Green Stock News, Progressive Grocer, Edibles Magazine, Incredible Edibles, Food Ingredients 1st, Leafreport, Cannabis Health, Trendhunter, Delish, PopSugar, and Rolling Stone.

There are many outstanding questions about the legality and health benefits (or detriments) of CBD added to food and drink, and while enforcement is uneven, the FDA considers CBD to be an unapproved food additive and has cited some companies that sell it. The situation seems to vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. There’s no official legal age for buying CBD-infused products, but most manufacturers and retailers impose an 18- or 21-year-old minimum. (For those who prefer to get their CBD – and THC – the old-fashioned way, these are the states where marijuana is legal.)

It should also be noted that while most of the brands on this list contain only non-psychoactive CBD, some do also include psychoactive THC to their products. (Another marijuana-related food additive is hemp oil. Hemp and marijuana are two varieties of the same plant and CBD may be derived from either, but hemp seed oil contains very little CBD.)

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It’s recommended that you consult with your doctor before beginning a CBD regimen. But if you believe that the compound could be beneficial for you, there’s never before been such a wide array of CBD-infused foods and drinks to choose from.

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> Sample brands: Sträva, Bean & Bud, Buddha Beans


Source: Courtesy of Harney & Sons

> Sample brands: Harney & Sons CBD, Buddha Teas, American Shaman

Source: Courtesy of Green Roads Chocolate

> Sample brands: Green Roads, Lulu’s, Sugar & Kush

Source: Courtesy of Mr. CBD

> Sample brands: Kickback, Groov, Mr. CBD (sparkling)


Source: Courtesy of Recess

Sparkling water
> Sample brands: Recess, Untitled Art, Mad Tasty

Source: Courtesy of Miraflora

Sports drinks
> Sample brands: Miraflora, Defy, Puration EVERx


Source: Courtesy of Smpl

> Sample brands: Weller, A Boring Life, Smpl

Source: Courtesy of Earthshine Organics

> Sample brands: Weetos, Froot Poofs, Cap’t Crunchy

Source: Anna Quaglia / iStock via Getty Images

> Sample brands: Just CBD, CBDfx, Relax


Source: Courtesy of Pot d’Huile

> Sample brands: Hot Sloth (hot sauce), 2Fly (mustard and ketchup), Local Smoke (BBQ sauce)

Olive oil
> Sample brands: House of Spain, Pot d’Huile, Sant’Ana


Source: Courtesy of Cannavines

> Sample brands: Cannavines, Rebel, Burdi W

Source: Roman Stavila / iStock via Getty Images

> Sample brands: Ceria Indiewave, Humboldt Brown, Two Roots

Source: YaroslavKryuchka / iStock via Getty Images

Baked goods
> Sample brands: The Hemp Bakers, Kushie Bites, Mom’s Organic Munchies


Source: 4x6 / iStock via Getty Images

Frozen meals
> Sample brands: The Herbal Chef, Cloud 9, Bud a Blaze,

Source: Courtesy of Graves Farm

Frozen desserts
> Sample brands: Stargazer, Potsicle, High-Pops

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