How the analysts re-tuned their iPhones estimates

October 31, 2018 by Steven M. Peters

Exclusive to Apple 3.0.


In the last week of July, I asked my panel of analysts to estimate iPhone unit sales for the September quarter (fiscal Q4 2018).

This week, with Q4 results set to be released on Thursday, I asked them again.

They are, as a group, modestly more bullish than they were three months ago, up an average of 1.4%.

Here’s what that looks like. Click on the column headings in the charts below to see before, after, and—most dramatically—the three-month changes. Not seeing the chart? Click here.

We’ll see who was closest to the mark when Apple reports tomorrow (Nov. 1). The conference call with analysts begins at 5 p.m Eastern. I’ll be listening in. You can too. Tune in here.

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