Blogger calls Bloomberg out for anti-Apple bias

December 5, 2018 by Steven M. Peters

“Skip the sensational headlines and long-winded narratives, and report what is going on.” — Neil Cybart to Mark Gurman et al.


From the conclusion of “Apple Pushing Additional iPhone Promos,” mailed Wednesday to Above Avalon ($) subscribers:

Th[is] article is a prime example of what has unfortunately become the norm for Bloomberg. A few tidbits of news and information, which are interesting and worth discussing, end up being twisted into long-winded narratives containing either questionable or false assertions and facts.

For example, Bloomberg claimed in its article:

  • Apple lost 20% of its market value due to “signs on waning iPhone demand”
  • Apple has been raising product prices simply to boost revenue.

Those are opinions, stated as facts.

Bloomberg goes off the rails to say: “Finding another hit like the iPhone will be almost impossible.” Given Bloomberg’s stance, I suggest they read “Connecting the Apple Dots,” the weekly Above Avalon article published after Apple’s September event.

The writers then go over why Apple finds itself at a disadvantage with every one of its major R&D projects.

All of this in an article that was supposedly about Apple launching new retail promotions for iPhone.

Ultimately, Bloomberg is doing a disservice to its readers and viewers. When you yell “fire” at everything, the warning eventually loses its effectiveness.

My hope is that Bloomberg ratchets down the cynicism and instead gets back to genuine reporting. Skip the sensational headlines and long-winded narratives, and report what is going on.

My take: Join the club.

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