Activist Investor

The Wall Street Journal reported late Tuesday that Xerox is considering an acquisition of HP. This appears to be biting off more than Xerox can chew, but maybe not.
3M has fallen from grace with a series of disappointing earnings to the point that the investment community no longer has much trust or faith in the company.
Elliott Management and Paul Singer have once again targeted oil refiner Marathon Petroleum for a breakup. Will the outcome be different from what happened a couple of years ago?
Elliott Management says that the M&A binge that AT&T has been on the past several years has done nothing but harm the company financially.
There seems to be growing support on Wall Street for what Paul Singer and his team of activists might want from AT&T.
Activist investor firm Elliott Management has sent a letter to AT&T outlining steps the company should take to increase the AT&T's share price by 65%.
Bed Bath & Beyond is now valued at less than 6-times earnings, but it just posted a huge quarterly loss per share after charges and items.
Private equity buyout offer for Chico's FAS was lowered and faces little chance of approval. Shareholders may be forced to suffer deep financial losses.
Vanguard has broken from its position as a passive investor and started to bear down on the actions of Boeing's board of directors.
With Boeing's share price down nearly 20% in three months, its CEO could lose his job. In a more sweeping move, a large dissident shareholder could move to oust the entire board, along with...
This weekend marked the “Stockpalooza” event for investors, which of course is the annual meeting for Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK-A). Warren Buffett and team had reported a dismal...
After previously praising the business model of Jeff Bezos and, Warren Buffett has disclosed that Berkshire Hathaway has been acquiring shares of Amazon.
Bed Bath & Beyond shares jumped early on Tuesday after it was rumored that the firm would be replacing all 12 members of its board.
When it comes out that Carl Icahn is investing in a stock, those shares usually trade up. But what happens when he starts dialing down his holdings?
eBay Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY) has gone from a powerhouse auctioneer along with the great growth of PayPal in years past to a standalone internet giant lacking growth and having to sell itself as a value...