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Apple TV+ is far too small to compete in a world of much larger streaming services. Given how long it has been in business, it is a failure.
Apple has been paying surprise bonuses worth as much as $180,000 in an effort to retain top technical talent. The company also has put a Foxconn assembly plant in India on probation.
Some China-based suppliers to Apple have been told by the government to stop production as the country tries to deal with a shortage of electricity.
In a world where disruption is becoming the norm, the streaming wars have seen many competitors enter into the fray. Now an announcement has been made by Sony Interactive Entertainment that the...
Apple and several Hollywood studios are discussing pricing for Apple to make 4K and HDR content available on the company's soon-to-be-released new version of Apple TV.
Apple is reportedly preparing an upgrade to its Apple TV set-top box to coincide with the coming announcement of the company's new iPhones.
The U.S. installed base of streaming media devices is dominated by Roku, which claims more than twice as much of the market as Apple or Google.
The development of a Facebook app that would run on a set-top box like Apple TV could pose a major threat to both big media and telecom companies.
If consumers can subscribe to the half-dozen or so channels they typically watch for a fraction of the price of a pay-TV subscription, why wouldn’t they?
Source: courtesy of Apple Inc.Watching TV on an Internet-connected device rose 63% year over year at the end of June. That number includes only authenticated views, which the industry calls TV...
Monday was launch day for the Apple Watch, but Apple also had a few other products to show off.
A dispute between Turner Networks and Dish Network has prompted Turner to pull its channels from the satellite TV company.
The Apple iCloud service got hacked and hundreds of compromising celebrity photos got released onto the Internet.
Shares of Apple posted an all-time high in September 2012, shortly after the launch of the iPhone 5. Since then the stock has dropped below $400 a share a couple of times.
Source: courtesy of NetflixNetflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) investors felt some real pressure on Monday after reports have come out that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has held talks with Comcast Corp....