The 11 Companies That Will Rebuild America’s Aging Infrastructure

A report this week from the American Society of Civil Engineers shows just how bad the state of infrastructure in the United States is and how much spending is needed ...
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Germany Cuts 2013 GDP Forecast

For further evidence that the eurozone’s infatuation with austerity is not working, look no further than today’s announcement from Germany that the largest economy in Europe will post 2013 GDP ...
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Stocks to Buy for the Coming Rise in Interest Rates (UBS, AMTD, SCHW, LNC, UNM, HIG)

We recently wrote that shorting the Treasury bond market may very well be the next biggest short-sale trade since the subprime mortgage short. While rates have dipped a little in the ...
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Support Grows for Mario Monti

Mario Monti, who recently resigned his post as the prime minister of Italy, may be back again. For proponents of the current austerity plans, his return would be good news. ...
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Gun and Ammo Sales Not Just Surging — AR Guns, Ammo and Magazines Sold Out

Earlier this morning we ran a piece showing that gun and ammunition sales have blasted off since the Newtown massacre. The reality is that gun, ammo and magazine sales went into an ...
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Obama’s Gun Control Efforts Set Deadline by End of January

We have warned after the Newtown massacre that more gun control efforts would be coming down the pipe. New York City's Mayor Bloomberg has called on the President to lead ...
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The Financial Proof of the “For and Against” Gun Control Case

The massacre in Newtown, Connecticut is being referred to as a tipping point for gun control in America. There is almost no way to discuss this subject without infuriating those ...
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Greece Granted Another Extenstion to Reach Budget Goals

The most important story out of Europe today is that Greece has been given an extension to reach its austerity and budget goals. The region's finance ministers did not have ...
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Yet Another Turn South for Greece

Hold your hand up if you are just about as sick of hearing about Greece. The Greek people are being forced into more pain and the nation seems to need more ...
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Greece Faces More Delays After Passing Austerity Budget

As hard as it seems to be to believe, the crisis in Greece continues, and may have gotten worse. The nation's parliament has voted through an extreme austerity budget that ...
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2012 Election Winners and Losers: Coal, Dividends, Health Care, Utilities, Oil and More

Election Day has come and gone. President Obama won a second term. The current electoral vote was by a margin of about 3 to 2 (unofficial), but the percentage last ...
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Greece Is “Running Out of Cash”

Greece cannot seem to work its way out of the financial news by settling on austerity programs that would trigger aid from the International Monetary Fund and European Union. Internal ...
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Spain Slips Further into Recession

Spain slipped further into recession, which means that its need for aid has accelerated. Its gross domestic product for the third quarter dropped 0.3%, on top of a drop of ...
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Great American Companies That Will Survive the Fiscal Cliff

The coming fiscal cliff represents a huge hurdle for America. Government and private sector forecasters have warned that the expiration of tax cuts, along with hundreds of billions of dollars ...
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Spain Takes Austerity Road

The government of Spain today released its 2013 budget and outlined the economic reforms it will take to meet the conditions that are sure to be imposed on the country ...
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