Brands and Products

The Apple brand is worth over $230 billion, according to one of the most closely followed brand studies in the world. The next brand on the list is not even close.
Most major tech brands have risen in value recently, along with the earnings of their parent companies and a growth in customers. However, one of the most famous tech brands in the world is losing...
One of the world's most widely respected brand firms has issued its list of the world's most valuable brands.
According to the Harris 2019 corporate reputation survey, the U.S. government was at the bottom of the results. Even tobacco company Philip Morris and bankrupt retailer Sears ranked higher. is not the most admired company in America. Neither is Walt Disney or Apple. The honor in a new major annual poll goes to the modest-sized grocery chain Wegmans.
Brand Keys' customer loyalty engagement index is based on a survey of more than 50,000 U.S. consumers who self-select and rate the products and brands they use. This year’s survey identified 10...
The annual Interbrand list of the 100 most valuable brands is out. The top 10 spots on the list are ruled by the tech industry.
A new survey from brand consultancy Prophet ranks 299 brands based on a survey of more than 12,000 Americans. Top-ranked Apple is probably no surprise, but where is Facebook or Twitter or Starbucks?
Building brand loyalty pays off. This year's ranking of the 100 brands and products that garner the most customer loyalty is dominated by tech-related firms, but non-tech firms made the most progress...
Although Woods and his legacy are the primary beneficiaries of his return to golf, Nike and his other sponsors are a close second.
New research shows that the Starbucks brand has suffered since a widely reported racial profiling incident, a difficult blow for a company well-known for its employee benefits and culture.
The United States to hit the European Union with large tariffs, the Starbucks brand hurt by recent controversy, Uber may go public soon, and other important headlines.
In a recent survey of consumers, consultants at Brand Keys found just four of 15 brands received positive consumer engagement scores for emails received from those retailers.
A search product has passed a predominantly hardware product to become the world's most valuable brand, according to the latest BrandZ ranking.
The new Star Wars movie performs poorly at the box office, Fiat Chrysler CEO to step down, Starbucks to close many of its stores for anti-bias training, and other important headlines.