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Ford's top executives made millions last year while the share price and the electric vehicle business stumbled.
Warren Buffett is among the world's wealthiest people, even though Berkshire Hathaway paid him only $100,000 last year.
Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy never could figure out what the company should be. His pay package was a wild gamble that made no sense.
CEOs of companies listed on the S&P 500 earned an average of $18.8 million last year, up about 21% from the previous year, Times recently reported. This jump in executive pay came despite an 18%...
Company CEOs have always earned incomes much higher than the average salaries of their employees. It makes sense, after all, that ship captains who have distinguished themselves and climbed the ranks...
A recent analysis reveals that the CEO of Walmart is paid over 930 times more its the average worker.
A recent analysis reveals that the CEO of McDonald's is paid over 1,200 times more than the average company worker.
A recent analysis reveals that the CEO of this tech company makes over 3,300 times the median pay of the company's workers.
Who is to blame for Ford's missteps and poor performance in the past year?
Walt Disney's former chief executive was rewarded significantly for his humiliating exit.
Electric vehicle maker Lordstown may not survive to see the end of 2022, but its chief executive officer will be a rich man regardless.
A recent analysis reveals the companies with the largest wage discrepancies between CEOs and average workers.
CVS Health ranks fourth on the Fortune 500 list, and its CEO took up the reins in February of this year.
Do public company CEOs make too much? Walmart's CEO made almost 1,080 times the median compensation of the retailer's workers.
Two public company CEOs took only about a $1 in total composition last year, according to company proxies.