CEO Compensation

CEO compensation packages continue to grow with little resistance from many of the massive asset management firms that own trillions of dollars worth of America's public companies. Here are 10...
Robert A. Iger has been the CEO of Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) since 2005. Over that period, Disney’s cable, TV and film businesses have changed the face of the company, and shareholders have...
Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man, reportedly saw a $24 billion increase in his net worth in 2018, increasing his lead over Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
Netflix Inc.'s chief executive and board chair did well this past year, according to the latest SEC filing.
Goldman Sachs faces new charges, CBS's Les Moonves will not get severance due to sexual harassment claims, and other important business headlines today.
GE agrees to a rich pay package for its new CEO, Toyota announces a huge recall, bond yields hit levels not seen since 2011, and other important business headlines.
The decision to reorganize the coffee company will come with large layoffs. The CEO and president, Kevin Johnson, will not be among those who will depart.
Departing CEO Les Moonves made just shy of $200 million over the past three years. But what about his exit package?
There is a fire at a Tesla factory, Apple hires former Tesla workers, Tim Cook is about to get even richer, and other important business headlines.
There is new research that may partly explain why the gap between CEO compensation and average worker pay has gotten so wide.
Walmart CEO Doug McMillon's pay last year was 1,188 times the pay of a median company employee. That's way above the already high median ratio of CEO-to-median-employee pay.
In a filing with the SEC, Twitter reported that CEO Jack Dorsey did not accept a salary or a stock grant last year. Dorsey owns about 2.39% of Twitter's outstanding shares.
China slaps tariffs on U.S. goods, Saks and Lord & Taylor are hacked, Tesla to increase the manufacture of its new Model 3, and other important headlines.
While the chief executive officers of many public corporations make hundreds of times what their average employees do, one famous CEO makes less based on the same scale.
Though Wells Fargo continues to implode, CEO Timothy Sloan made more than $17 million last year. How does the board justify that number?