Electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn has reportedly agreed to invest about $200 billion in a struggling Chinese EV maker. Is this a tune-up ahead of a deal to build an Apple-branded EV?
Tesla and three leading China-based EV makers have reported fourth-quarter deliveries that are well above prior year totals.
Chinese regulators on Thursday announced an investigation into some business practices of Alibaba, the country's behemoth e-commerce company.
Aurora Mobile entered the electric vehicles ring on Tuesday and saw its shares nearly double in the premarket.
Nio shares dipped on Friday after the electric vehicle manufacturer would be conducting a secondary offering.
The trillions and trillions of economic stimulus ultimately have to be paid for by some means. Now the whole world seems to be drowning in debt.
Boeing's 20-year forecast has pulled back somewhat from last year's version and dependence on China for new airplane deliveries has increased.
Alibaba released its most recent quarterly results before the opening bell on Thursday. Despite the bottom line beat, investors were not happy with the results.
A Citigroup analyst on Wednesday raised his price target on one Chinese EV maker's stock and started coverage on two others. Short version: he likes what he sees.
China's three top EV makers reported October deliveries Monday morning and all posted big year-over-year gains.
The investing world has seen Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) turn into the greatest story of a lifetime. After having an existential issues in the 1990s, Tim Cook’s journey in the post-Steve Jobs era...
Karma Automotive said Monday that it will give its first line of all-electric vehicles a new name when the first car debuts next year.
The U.S. president has tentatively approved a deal that would create a U.S. company to manage social media app TikTok, but the story is far from over.
The 22 million active WeChat users in the United States have become a walled garden, which defeats the reasons to have the app at all.
Rumors are that the deal primarily allows Oracle to host TikTok on its cloud computing platform. If so, the term "sale" would be out of place.