In the month of March, Ford sold more Mustangs in the United States than the combined total of the Chevy Camaro and the Dodge Challenger.
Owners of some 700,000 Chrysler SUVs and minivans are being notified to bring their vehicles in for a repair to the ignition switch.
Year-over-year sales rose 14% at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in January to the company’s best January sales level since 2007.
The car company that has been most able to aggressively raise prices is General Motors. What it can charge for the average vehicle it produces and sells has risen 8.2%.
Toyota's anticipated sales drop is mostly due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Toyota sales in Japan are expected to fall 9% this year.
The new Ford F-150 won Truck of the Year honors at the Detroit Auto Show, one of the top honors of the year, along with awards from the major car magazines.
Last year was extremely good for the American car industry. Sales of light vehicles rose by 5.9% to more than 16.5 million on the back of low gas prices, consumer-friendly interest rates, and an...
The remarkable increase in new car sales will continue next year, according to research firm Kelly Blue Book, and profits of the major car companies will remain strong.
The average transaction price for a new car or pickup purchased in the United States in December was 1.6% higher than in November, as well as 2.5% higher than December of 2013.
Automakers are about release December sales figures, and industry analysts are looking for another solid month of sales to bring to a close a very good year for new car sales.
Year-over-year sales rose 20% at Fiat Chrysler in November, the company’s best November sales level since 2001.
Chrysler's sales growth may be the envy of the automotive manufacturing industry. However, it has come at a cost.
The Chrysler brand needs a turnaround so it will not weigh so heavily on the results of the parent company. Management hopes this will come in the form of its new 300.
The new aluminum F-Series is probably the largest gamble Ford has made since it struggled to stay out of Chapter 11 when Chrysler and Ford went in.
If there is a lesson to Chrysler's success and GM's mediocre performance, it is not consumer quality perception.