The fastest growing city in America last year was a modest-sized one in Arizona, according to new Census data.
New Census data released Thursday shows that New York is still America's largest city, but among the biggest cities in the United States, five are in Texas.
The U.S. Census Bureau has just released its data on the growth in the population of America’s cities and counties. Only one city has grown over 30% over the period measured. It is a city known...
A number of the fastest-growing U.S. cities and counties are located in Texas, according to a new Census report. One city stands out as it was the only one to add over 100,000 during the period.
The cheapest city in the world to live in is the most inflation plagued, and one overrun with political strife and violence, according to a new survey.
One of the world's most expensive cities to live in is on an island in southeast Asia. Two others that tie with it in cost are in France and China.
Protests and political maneuvering caused Amazon management to abandon one of its new headquarters locations. Now, there is a threat it will quit the other as well.
The number of people who exhibit aggressive driving behavior varies sharply from city to city. However, one large city tops the most aggressive driving list.
It seems improbable that any large city in the world could go bankrupt. According to experts, it could occur in one of the world's largest cities, as it nearly there did in 1975.
Source: GeorgeRudy / iStockSleep — just like food, water, and air — is essential for our bodies to function properly. Yet many Americans tend to ignore the importance of sleep. Experts recommend...
Las Vegas, on Sunday the scene of one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history, is one of the last metropolitan areas in the country to fully recover from the Great Recession.
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) said Thursday it will invest $40 million over three years in Chicago’s underserved South and West sides in an effort to address the city’s poverty and...
New research suggests a potential slowdown in municipal revenue as fiscal growth in American cities contracts for the second straight year.
Houston, flooded by Hurricane Harvey, is the fourth largest city in the United States by population, and it also is a huge city, geographically.
JPMorgan says it will increase its investment meant to aid a turnaround of the troubled city of Detroit to $150 million. But is it enough?