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Consumer Prices Looking More Tame Than Producer Prices

After a hotter than expected Producer Price Index (PPI) reading on Tuesday, investors and consumers can breathe a little easier about the inflation onslaught in 2018 that has been feared ...
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Consumer Price Index Reaction Proves Markets Are Still Inefficient

Yesterday we had warned that the financial markets were bracing for the inflation card when the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) was released. That has now come to pass, and ...
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Markets Brace for Inflation Wild Card From Wednesday’s Consumer Price Index Report

The stock and bond markets have been reintroduced to volatility. Frankly, it was long overdue, even if most investors simply do not enjoy those "whoosh" sounds of dead air when ...
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Consumer Prices in December Set Stronger Inflation Pressure for 2018

Inflationary pressures seem to be building as we enter 2018. The latest reading on the Consumer Price Index is back up closer to the Federal Reserve's inflation targets. Friday's key report ...
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Consumer Inflation Not Following Wholesale Inflation Above Fed’s Target Range

It was just on Tuesday that the markets had to deal with a hot inflationary number that was stronger than what had been seen in several years. The U.S. Department ...
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How Wholesale and Retail Inflation Disparity May Pressure the Fed

When most people think of inflation they might get tricked into thinking that the prices of goods and services all rise across the board. The reality is that inflationary is ...
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Social Security Recipients to Get 2% Bump in 2018

Millions of Social Security recipients and retirees will receive a 2% increase in benefits next year, the largest gain since 2012. The Social Security Administration announced the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) ...
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Consumer Inflation Report Looks Mixed for August

The second week of September has not been all that active for economic releases. After a somewhat disappointing reading on wholesale inflation from the Producer Price Index (PPI), now there ...
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Inflation Reports Throw Curve Ball for Fed Rate Hike Ambitions

On a day when the Federal Reserve is expected to hike interest rates, investors, economists and business owners might wonder what lower inflation readings will do to the decision-making of ...
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Consumer Prices and Inflation May Have Just Forced Janet Yellen Into Interest Rate Hikes

There is an old saying that comes to mind here: Be careful what you wish for, you might actually get it! That's how some economic watchers are likely to feel ...
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Consumer Inflation Now Firmly Hitting Janet Yellen’s Rate Hike Threshold

Just last week, producer prices indicated a stalling out at the wholesale level. Fortunately, or unfortunately, what happens in prices at the consumer level often lags the wholesale level. Now, ...
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Consumer Prices Justify Rate Hike

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Labor released its Consumer Price Index for the month of December. While the data may not look extremely hot on inflationary pressures, they support why ...
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Inflation Ahead

CPI Tame on Monthly Readings, Annual Core Inflation Meets Fed’s Target Range

With the Federal Reserve wanting to raise interest rates, economists and investors keep looking for two things. One is of course a strong economy. Economic readings are positive in general, ...
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Consumer Inflation Remains Elusive — or Does It?

That 2.0% to 2.5% inflation target of the Federal Reserve is just proving to be more than elusive. The U.S. Department of Labor has released its consumer price index (CPI) ...
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The Fed Entering a Potentially Embarrassing Situation That Could Signal Bond Market Double Top

With June rate hike expectations now mostly evaporated thanks to a perceived dismal May jobs report, it looks like the Federal Reserve is going to hold off on what was ...
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