Corporate Performance

Peloton's CEO seems to think he has a handle on the exercise bike maker’s deep problems. That really isn’t so.
There is nothing Best Buy management can hide behind. The terrible numbers tell the entire story.
Snap firing 20% of its staff is another setback for CEO Evan Spiegel.
Based on new research, Lincoln is the lowest-rated luxury brand based on customer satisfaction.
Some see NASA’s newest rocket as a colossal waste of money, little more than pork-barrel politics.
When fitness product maker Peloton Interactivereleased its quarterly earnings, they could not have been worse.
Macy's has become the most recent retailer to see its results disintegrate, though its problems are less severe than at other retailers.
Ford’s evolution into an electric car company was cited as a reason for recent layoffs.
Among public companies, the single most important barometer is stock price. By that measure, the recent performance of Disney has been abysmal.
The market still wrestles with what AMC is really worth as tens of millions of consumers switch to streaming as their primary way to watch video.
Target just announced disappointing quarterly figures. Is a rebound coming?
With the introduction of each new iPhone, skeptics continue to argue Apple eventually has to stumble.
Bed Bath & Beyond’s shares have no realistic support for their current price. Many investors are about to get burned.
An investment firm that preys on poor management has set its sites on Disney.
Peloton's CEO sent a long-winded letter to his staff to explain his plans to repair the broken company. Investors were not impressed.