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With many Americans observing stay-at-home orders, satisfaction with TV and internet services have improved for the first time in four years.
As Americans keep their vehicles longer, they spend more on repairs and tires. Here are the best shops according to a customer survey by J.D. Power and SurveyMonkey.
New survey results from J.D. Power rank bank and credit card mobile apps and online services. What do the top-rated companies have in common?
Mobile network operators have never been wildly popular with their American customers. The latest customer satisfaction survey from ACSI indicates that nothing has changed.
Customer satisfaction with a variety of telecom services like streaming video and cable/satellite TV remaining near historic lows, ranking barely higher than satisfaction with government services.
Retail customers were, overall, a little more unhappy last year than they were in 2016. A recent report attributes the decline to higher satisfaction with e-commerce.
Customer service at fast-food restaurants is not particularly good or bad, but it does tend to get fewer poor ratings than you might expect.
As department stores struggle to overcome low profits and shrinking sales, customer service can't help but suffer. Here are how nine stores did in our recent customer survey.
Beginning in October, selected Kohl's stores in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas will begin accepting returns from Amazon customers and returning them at no charge to the online behemoth.
Source: EtsyEtsy Inc. (NASDAQ: ETSY) is a well-run company, with a great outlet for those who make crafts and hand-made goods, that simplifies tasks for many people who create things. Unfortunately,...
 Most large companies aspire to have a reputation for exceptional customer service. Only a select few, however, manage to earn it.In order to find those companies that truly stand out by creating...