Dividends and Buybacks

Earnings reports are rather light for Friday afternoon, but there is one Dividend Aristocrat on tap for Monday morning and a regional bank that has seen its share price jump by nearly 25% so far in...
The highest yielding stock among the S&P 500 is a telecom stock not named AT&T.
With even moderate appreciation in the shares prices of these top companies, investors could be looking at double-digit total return potential. In a market that is very long in the tooth, that makes...
There have been five significant acquisitions in the oil patch in the second half of 2020. Here's a look at how the acquirers are shaping up for 2021.
There are four U.S. companies that currently have a market value of more than $1 trillion. All four are expected to continue performing well, but, perhaps, not as well as they have this year.
24/7 Wall St. looks at some of the biggest dividend yields in the S&P 500 and why they may be worth buying into.
AT&T remains one of the county's largest companies, and it has a dividend that produces a generous yield. No other public corporation of its size comes even close.
Some investors will keep questioning and second-guessing whether the oil and gas giants will be able to keep paying out those ridiculously high dividends in the future.
Costco shares made a handy gain on Tuesday after the board of directors declared a special dividend for the common stock.
Shares of Marathon Oil and Marathon Petroleum jumped by more than 8% on Monday. The gain could disappear as quickly as it appeared.
Investors get numerous chances to see longer-term forecasts by analysts, strategists and economists. And each year it is common that the larger brokerage firms issue new price targets for the year...
Here are 13 other companies that should seriously entertain splitting their stocks. Splits are of course a gimmick, but the stock market usually rewards companies for splitting their stocks.
While New Residential is not alone in being nowhere close to recovering its pre-recession value, there is a reasonable case that the falling book value woes may be behind it.
Exxon has updated its quarterly earnings considerations. The big question is how exactly Exxon can continue to maintain its massive dividend beyond 2020.
24/7 Wall St. has looked deeper into the new capital restrictions and evaluated how the dividends are looking at the four top money center banks.