durable goods

The U.S. Commerce Department reported that August's new orders for manufactured durable goods increased, but not as much as expected.
New orders for durable goods rose sharply in July, and airplanes played a role here. In America that means Boeing.
The U.S. Census Bureau released its May advance report on durable good manufacturers’ shipments, inventories and orders on Thursday morning.
Tthe U.S. Department of Commerce's report on durable goods showed just how bleak the manufacturing of big-ticket items was in March.
Friday's flow of economic data included multiple views on the broad economy, and some data may have an impact on how third-quarter GDP estimates pan out.
Each month's report on durable goods orders can be very volatile due to the nature of the big-ticket items. Durable goods in any given month can look stellar in a crummy economy or they can look...
If there is one industrial component that can help sway the impact of gross domestic product, look no further than the monthly report on durable goods.
A gain of 1.2% in durable goods in December might sound better than some had expected, considering how much slowness had been seen in many economic reports around that time.
The monthly reports on durable goods can be quite volatile, disappointing in a strong economy or soaring even in a bad economy.
If there is one economic report that can be very volatile and can come in well above or well below expectations, it is the monthly durable goods report.
Durable goods orders fell 1.2% month over month in October, well below the consensus estimate for a gain of 0.4%.
If there is one economic report that can be highly volatile and can look counter-cyclical despite the broader economic direction, that would be the one on durable goods.
If there was a contest to find the one major government economic report that is the most volatile and unpredictable through good times and bad times alike, the durable goods report would have to win...
If there is one economic report that is perhaps the most volatile of them all, that can disappoint in good times or can be high in bad times, it is the monthly durable goods report. The U.S....
The first quarter of 2017 was marked with strong consumer confidence, solid spending and even better than expected corporate earnings. That did not translate into a very strong durable goods report...