The Dirty Expensive Secret of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

When it comes to climate change and carbon emissions, the usual suspects get most of the knocks. Gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles, coal-fired power plants, and big industrial users like aluminum ...
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Natural Gas Price Holds Loss Level Steady After Storage Report

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported Thursday morning that U.S. natural gas stockpiles increased by 81 billion cubic feet for the week ending October 12. Analysts were expecting a ...
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18% of US Energy Comes From Renewable Sources

Over the past 10 years, renewable power-generation capacity has accounted for 55% of all new construction. In 2017, the percentage of U.S. power generated from renewable sources rose from 15% ...
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6 Most Important Things in Business Today

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a short-term spending bill to keep the government from shut down, but it hit hurdles in the Senate. According to Reuters: Legislation to stave ...
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US Oil Rig Count Soars by 10, Crude Price Appears Unfazed

In the week ended January 12, 2018, the number of land rigs drilling for oil in the United States totaled 752, up by 10 compared to the previous week and ...
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Coal Mines a Promising Source of Rare Earth Elements

There are 13 elements on the periodic table that are labelled as rare earths and two others that are usually included in the grouping. These elements are not particularly scarce; ...
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The Earth Is Getting Much Brighter, Which May Not Be Good

The earth is losing its night. As new, more efficient, and cheaper artificial lighting becomes more available, people tend to offset the savings by using more light. Half of Europe ...
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Coal Faces a Gassy Death in the US

By the middle of the next decade, it will be cheaper to build a new combined-cycle, gas turbine natural gas-fired power plant than to operate 78% of currently existing coal-fired ...
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Despite Energy Sector Weakness, Why Merrill Lynch Raised Its Energy Weighting

Oil may have run into a rough patch in the past week or so, and it was last seen still trading well below the $50 per barrel mark. In a ...
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Profit or Loss

What to Expect From Companies Reporting Thursday

The Trump rally has helped push the broad markets to new highs, and with earnings season kicking off on Friday, we can see what this rally is made of. In ...
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100 dollar bills

7 MLP Giants That Keep Raising Distributions, Even Through Recent Hard Times

With oil having rallied massively from its 2016 lows, the investor interest in the energy sector has come back strong. The post-election rally also seen as pro-energy, and that is ...
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Oil Rig Count Up by 7 Last Week, Hedge Funds Scooping Up Short Contracts

In the week ended August 5, the number of rigs drilling for oil in the United States totaled 381, up by seven compared with the prior week and a total of ...
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Gas Pump Nozzle

Summer Gas Prices Forecast at $2.04 a Gallon

U.S. drivers can expect to gasoline prices this summer to average about 22% less than last year. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Tuesday said it expects the average ...
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Oil and Gas Blank-Check Company KLR Energy Completes IPO

The initial public offering (IPO) market may be gasping for air, but it's not dead yet. Blank-check company KLR Energy Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: KLREU) completed an IPO Friday morning, raising ...
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sadness check box

Why Argus Downgraded Calpine

Calpine Corp. (NYSE: CPN) has been part of a weakening utilities industry that is now starting to recover in 2016. This industry underperformed the S&P 500 in 2015 with a ...
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