European Union

Automaker Fiat Chrysler is reportedly near a deal for $7.1 billion in Italian-government backed loans to guarantee liquidity as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. But the deal may be...
The European Commission on Tuesday announced three probes into Apple's requirements for how app developers must pay for in-app purchases and how they are not allowed to offer their apps at different...
This is not exactly a time that investors would expect some of the underperforming banks to be out with good news.
BioNTech shares shot up on Wednesday after the company announced, in conjunction with Pfizer, that its COVID-19 vaccine program was approved in Germany.
New car sales in the European Union fell by 55% in March leading to a decline of more than 25% for the first quarter. Lockdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic get the blame for the declines.
A survey of German executives suggests that the German economy is speeding into recession. If its business climate is deteriorating, so is that of every nation in the European Union.
The chance of two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product worldwide has spiked due to the effects of the spread of COVID-19.
New car sales in the European Union rose over 1% year over year in 2019 to more than 15 million vehicles. U.S. automakers Ford and Fiat Chrysler both posted lower year-over-year sales totals.
Tesla stock is nearing a 10-day run of rising prices following its announcement of 97,000 deliveries last month. But there's even more news that might be supporting the company's shares.
At the Frankfurt auto show, Ford introduced a new line-up of electrified vehicles and announced plans to have electrified versions of all its vehicles by 2024.
Electric vehicle sales rose by more than a third in Europe during the first half of this year, led primarily by strong sales of Tesla's Model 3.
The economy that is effectively the linchpin of the European Union just reported that its GDP was lower in the second quarter. Some economists may now treat Germany as though it is in a technical...
The 4th of July is a major US holiday, but the markets in Europe and Asia all remained open. Here's how the rest of the world acted on our day off.
Ford has come up with a plan to breathe new life into its sinking European business. Firing 12,000 workers is at the top of the list.
The U.S. president has extended the deadline by up to six months for possible tariffs on imported cars.