This has been a strong year for the broader equity markets, but that hasn't necessarily translated into big stock gains for some of the European banks.
Among all the problems in Europe and the post-Brexit woes, Eurostat has released its first view of third-quarter seasonally adjusted gross domestic product.
The Brexit will cost the euro area dearly next year, according to the International Monetary Fund.
Brexit will make matters worse among the economies of the old European Union. In the meantime, they are bad enough.
At about the same time that the OECD released its pessimist Economic Forecast, research firm Markit reported trouble in Europe.
Fitch Ratings has issued its latest Global Economic Outlook. Unfortunately, that outlook is calling weaker growth in gross domestic product (GDP) for the United States in 2016.
Fighting deflation has a cost, and as of April 25 that cost is negative interest rate yields on $9.9 trillion in global sovereign debt. Of the total, $6.8 trillion is long-term debt and $3.1 trillion...
Should investors sell in May and go away this year? That largely depends on three foreseeable things.
Europe’s most indebted government is back at it, complaining about bailout conditions and fighting for its next tranche of bailout funds.
According to research firm Markit, eurozone PMI growth slowed to a four-month low, another sign the economies in major nations face challenges.
Echoing others before it, a fresh report from Fitch Ratings has lowered its global economic outlook for 2015.
Greece goes to the polls for the third time in four years on Sunday, and the consequences could be very deep, and pushing the monetary union into disarray for a fourth time.
The European Central Bank says that the recovery of housing prices in the eurozone has not been particularly robust so far, but prices are moving up across several of the region's members.
The Conference Board has released its Leading Economic Index for the euro area in July.
Source: ThinkstockWorld markets continued the collapse that began late last week. The Shanghai Composite dropped over 8%. The Nikkei was off off 4.6%.In Europe, the FTSE and DAX fell over 2% at the...