A recent analysis reveals that Peoria and South Bend are among the cities with the highest foreclosure rates.
A recent analysis reveals that the city with the highest rate of foreclosures is St. Louis.
A recent analysis reveals that the state hit hardest by foreclosures is Nevada.
A 24/7 Wall St. analysis reveals that New York is the state where the most people struggle to pay their mortgages.
New York and Louisana had the highest home loan delinquency rates in May.
The primary cause for the surge in home foreclosures is that the government moratorium that prevented many of them has ended.
The metropolitan areas with the highest foreclosure rates were Champaign and Peoria, both in Illinois.
Forecloses are likely to surge soon, as the federal government moratorium will only last so long.
Grove City, Ohio sits just southwest of the state’s capital, Columbus, off Interstate 270. There, in the city of 41,820 and in an area of $300,000 and $400,000 homes, is a four-bedroom house...
Home mortgage delinquencies were higher year over year in June but down slightly from May's total.
So-called zombie foreclosures were part of the mortgage landscape in the Great Recession, and new research shows that they are back.
Overall mortgage delinquencies rose to their highest level in more than five years in May. The COVID-19 pandemic and recession have made it hard for homeowners to meet monthly mortgage payments.
Mortgage loan delinquencies soared in April after posting monthly declines for more than two years. Foreclosures remained subdued, but that may change once the federally mandated forbearance period...
Fannie Mae is now faced with a double whammy of rising interest rates and an almost-certain collapse of homebuyers. What are the prospects for a public offering of Fannie Mae stock in 2021?
Americans have almost $16 trillion in mortgage debt outstanding, according to the Federal Reserve. A bill proposed as part of the economic rescue package would delay payments on most of that debt.