China may have a reason to post numbers that are better than expected. It may want to show its economy has not been wounded as badly as that of other large nations.
The economy already was getting bad in the first quarter due to the impacts of the coronavirus, but March’s reading on industrial production went deep into contraction. In fact, it was worse...
In the April revision to its World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund forecasts that global GDP will drop by 3.0% in 2020.
It should now be little or no surprise that the United States is in a recession, and it should not be a surprise that the forecasters are calling for a "contractionary state" for the first half of...
With a recession all but certain in the coming economic reports, it's hard to get excited about some of the economic reports that would have included data ahead of the mass layoffs and furloughs.
The recession is here, and it looks worse with each new forecast. Now, Standard & Poor's has issued a new update on the coronavirus impact on the global economy.
The American Hotel and Lodging Association has released its view on COVID-19's impact on the hotel industry, and the projected losses are nothing short of staggering.
If you have been hoping that formal recession calls due to the coronavirus would not be coming, the time for that hope has ended.
What is unfolding in the wake of the coronavirus-induced economic panic is starting to feel like a runaway train. The reality is that the population seems to know that things are going to get worse...
The problem for itchy trigger finger investors with cash to put to work is that there may be the possibility of even more big-time downside risk until an actual bottom is put in.
The chance of two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product worldwide has spiked due to the effects of the spread of COVID-19.
An Institute for Supply Management survey indicates that three-quarters of companies have reported supply chain disruptions in some capacity as a result of the coronavirus causing transportation...
The good news, at least for now, even considering the stock market bloodbath that has been seen, is that a recession is not already unavoidable.
No one questions that COVID-19 will spread considerably in Italy. The nation's gross domestic product, much of which relies on tourism, could be massively damaged this spring.
Two fresh competing looks at U.S. manufacturing data for the month of February would be considered a mixed bag, aside from comparing the data to China.