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According to the World Gold Council, May marked another month of positive fund flows into gold-backed ETFs.
24/7 Wall St. screened the BofA Securities precious metals research universe and found five gold stocks rated Buy that look like solid plays for investors starting to worry about renewed volatility.
Sometimes the best way to get a message out is visually. After all, there is an absolute media overload that occurs for many people who invest and for those who just watch the news. 24/7 Wall St. has...
The initial reaction might seem like Newmont investors felt a bit let down by its earnings report. But it has a lot going for it, and high gold prices might be only one driver here.
Silver is supposed to track gold to a certain extent, but in 2020 that just is not the case. Silver is proving to live up to its nickname the "Devil's Metal."
The World Gold Council announced on Wednesday that inflows into gold ETFs rose sharply in March. It was not just the United States driving gold.
Silver is supposed to be correlated to gold, so it should be rising by close to the same amount. Yet, there has been a disparity in the metals market.
The current coronavirus outbreak could be a pandemic. If so, one asset class could explode much higher. While gold traded to seven-year highs recently, the top could get blown off if things get...
The CEO of Barrick Gold said earlier this week that the world's supply of gold could fall 30% short of demand by 2029. Will a digital currency replace the missing gold? Is that even possible?
With the markets facing a “witches' brew” of potential problems, one way to hedge a sell-off would be to buy gold. Here are five solid stock picks and an ETF for investors to consider.
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While the stock market is poised for a bad end to the week, both gold and oil are skyrocketing higher on the global tension.
Here are five of the top gold-mining and gold-producing stocks that appear undervalued despite gold's performance in 2019.
Newmont Goldcorp announced on Monday that it will repurchase up to $1 billion worth of its common stock in the next 12 months.
By late morning on Monday, gold was down under $1,450 to its lowest level since August. The good news for gold bugs is that the selling looked swift and temporary.