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The World Gold Council reports that central banks are buying gold at levels not surpassed since 2013, and they bought more than 140 tons of the precious metal in the first quarter.
It may seem hard for the gold bugs to celebrate that gold was last seen down about 3% in dollar terms so far in 2019, but against the backdrop of what is happening in the global markets, gold...
The sell-off last Friday showed just how nervous investors are, so 24/7 Wall St. screened the Merrill Lynch research database looking for gold stocks rated Buy and found three outstanding values.
With the overhang and larger media frenzy around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies having witnessed a death of a thousand cuts, the interest in gold has been coming back with a rising price.
The federal funds rate remaining steady, along with additional outside interest rate pressures, could be a further supportive action for the price of gold for the remainder of 2019.
The brokerage firm Raymond James sees a mixed view of Newmont and Barrick after the deal in a report from March 12, 2019.
As expected, Newmont Mining this morning rejected last week's offer of an $18 billion all-stock merger with rival Barrick.
Investors should understand from the get-go that this gold merger would seem to be unlikely from a shareholder voting and regulatory stance. The reaction in the shares also seems to reflect some...
The price gyrations might not have been as extreme as in years past, but central banks were major gold buyers in 2018. Here are the 15 nations and government-related entities that dominate the global...
The World Gold Council points out that gold rose while cryptocurrencies tanked with the global equity indexes in the fourth quarter of 2018.
These four gold stocks make good sense for investors looking to add a hedge to their current equity holdings.
Monday's announcement of the $10 billion merger between gold mining giants Newmont and Goldcorp naturally leads to the question about what other firms may be on the block.
Gold mining giants Newmont and Goldcorp have agreed to a $10 billion merger that will create the world's largest gold mining firm.
After a turbulent 2018, many investors and so-called gold bugs have to wonder what is in store for gold in 2019. The World Gold Council released its latest report on how it views gold in the new year.
Gold often has its day as an investment when other markets become dangerous. That time has come again.