Government Regulation

The USPS faces another hurdle in its efforts to remain solvent. A new change in international shipping rates goes into effect on July 1 that could lower the agency's revenues.
The European Commission has opened three investigations into Apple's business practices, and a U.S.-based software firm has complained about those same practices.
Apple could be broken into two pieces to satisfy European antitrust authorities by dividing its hardware and services businesses.
The European Commission on Tuesday announced three probes into Apple's requirements for how app developers must pay for in-app purchases and how they are not allowed to offer their apps at different...
Investors are worried that pressure on the balance sheet of Fannie Mae and delay its exit from conservatorship. Yet, some optimists think its shares are underpriced and have plenty of long-term...
A new California Public Utilities Commission ruling on Thursday does not favor Lyft and its competitors. What's next?
The race to build 5G wireless networks has heated up over the past year or so. AT&T is betting that its stock price will get a large enough boost from 5G to keep paying its generous dividend.
With tens of billions of new capital coming to effectively privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is it possible that one or both will be able to pay dividends to their shareholders?
Layoffs in India mark the latest step in Uber's cost-cutting and capital management strategy. But the ride-hailing service also faces legal troubles in California, New York and other states.
The Federal Housing Finance Agency has announced that it is once again seeking comments on recapitalizing and perhaps conducting a public offering of stock in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
When the economy went into panic mode and the insta-recession was becoming unavoidable, many major companies and small companies alike began taking immediate action to either maintain strong...
Fannie Mae is about to begin a bidding process to select a financial advisor to assist in developing and implementing a plan for recapitalizing and responsibly ending its conservatorship.
Regulators could come up with a number of creative ways to break up Google. The most direct one, however, is to spin out YouTube.
Investors see this San Francisco-based ride-hailing firm as a good stock to own as the U.S. economy begins to reopen from the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Will AB5 change that?
24/7 Wall St. has tracked one analyst report from Wall Street calling for price targets that imply well over 100% long-term upside in Fannie Mae and in Freddie Mac.