Hedge Funds

Despite the underperformance of some hedge fund managers, the holdings of the top funds are always of interest to investors. Portfolio managers tend to talk among themselves, so good ideas are spread...
The five biggest hedge fund short positions probably will not surprise market veterans and savvy traders as some have run incredibly hard and have worn out those betting on a big downside move.
Warren Buffett is known for trying to bring calm to the markets and signaling that America's greatest days are ahead of it. What does it signal when he chose not to acquire stocks after the recent...
It would be easy to interpret a SPAC IPO during a recession as some form of speculation gone wild. There is another side of that view that should also be considered.
Sometimes the news has an exaggerated impact on the financial markets. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell provided the exaggeration on Wednesday.
The S&P 500 index returned 28.9% in 2019, nearly four times the return on a global hedge fund index. Yet some investors can't seem to kick the hedge-fund habit. Go figure.
By late morning on Monday, gold was down under $1,450 to its lowest level since August. The good news for gold bugs is that the selling looked swift and temporary.
These top favorite holdings probably should come as no surprise. They make sense as they dominate their specific business lines, are very liquid and look to continue to maintain their growth...
Being called the Oracle of Omaha has to mean something. Here are 10 lessons of sanity for investors to always consider when markets begin to act less than sane.
These 12 exchange-traded funds can help even the smallest of retail investors avoid losing their shirts, or even make a profit, during uncertainty in the next major sell-off or stock market crash.
Warren Buffett may be getting older every year, but he and the giant Berkshire Hathaway have remained acquirers of public stocks for years. The conglomerate could even claim to be one of the largest...
The SEC has issued a concept document that explores opening hedge funds and private equity funds to small retail investors.
Top hedge funds now are bullish on these four red-hot price momentum stocks, according to a new Jefferies research report.
Barnes & Noble shares jumped nearly 30% following a report that Elliott Management was about to make an offer for B&N. That report was vindicated Friday morning.
Barnes & Noble, after seeing its shares peak at $30 or so back in 2006, has joined the rumor mill of buyout candidates.