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NIO is known as "the Tesla of China" and a new partnership may come with great expansion and major funding to allow the electric vehicle maker to fight Tesla in the home market of China.
What if the big lithium boom was greatly exaggerated? It seems hard to imagine that these trends away from combustion engines are going to dwindle.
Source: ThinkstockSales of electric cars have surged in most developed economies around the world and are expected to be well into the billions per year by the end of the decade. One element which...
For most American adults who have grown up before the last decade, Porsche is a brand that probably rings highly with luxury sports cars. That was then. Now Porsche is a car company that is...
Though the Chevy Bolt may be the best reviewed electric car in America,, sales of the car are likely to be weak. Electric car buyers are few and far between.
Tesla continues to quietly sell the most expensive electric car in the world, the P90D supercar, which has not gotten much attention since it was launched in December 2015.
The new Tesla Model 3 seems to have everything, or close to it. However, the Tesla 3 only goes 215 miles on a charge.
Tesla shares reached a 52-week low as investors fretted about late deliveries, production capacity and rising competition from some of the world's largest manufacturers.
Source: Thinkstock In the last 35 years, much has changed in the auto industry. Each year, in an effort to stay fresh in the eyes of consumers, manufacturers tinker with their lineup of cars,...
Tesla's current market value is $33 billion, while General Motors' market cap is $58 billion. Something is wrong with the picture.
Source: Wikimedia Commons (The Car Spy)Two things are certain. One is that charging electric cars is difficult. Owners need to hook their vehicles up at home, or find charging stations on the road....
$5,000 is not much of a down payment for what is expected to be one of hottest sport utility vehicles in history.
Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) reports that it will only deliver 55,000 Model S and X vehicles this year.
After years of trying, General Motors will make another run at the electric car market with a new Chevy Volt.
Tesla Motors received a solid valuation from Credit Suisse Monday, but the news was somewhat mixed.