Social media giant Facebook will be partnering up to broadcast Spain’s premier soccer league to South Asia.
YouTube plans to fight misleading videos, Disney expands footprint in India, the president attacks pharmaceutical companies for raising prices, and other business headlines.
India is the world's most dangerous country for women according to a new survey from the Thomson Reuters Foundation. An unspeakably vile rape culture in the country appears to be out of control.
Boeing has reportedly beaten Airbus to an order for new widebody passenger jets for India's Vistara airlines. The order has not been officially announced yet.
Walmart and Flipkart have reportedly agreed on a deal that would give Walmart a 75% stake in India's leading e-commerce firm for an investment of $15 billion.
India's great long-term growth opportunities have not translated into gains for investors so far in 2018. But Goldman Sachs feels that India likely will benefit from demographic trends, reforms and...
The OECD interim economic outlook for global growth for 2018 and 2019 does warn of risks to growth and to jobs if trade tension escalates further.
It's official: The U.S. stock market has entered correction territory. While drops of 10% sound atrocious, there are a few things to keep in mind.
Everyone knows that investors will pay up to chase growth, and it is quite possible that India might be one of the best growth stories in the world for 2018 and beyond.
The OECD is reporting that the global economy is on pace to have the best year of growth since 2010.
The U.S. government has put tariffs on Bombardier jets, Ford and Lyft will join forces to build self-driving cars, Twitter has started to test 280-character tweets, and more important headlines.
Rolling Stone magazine will be sold, the Senate wants more information about how Russian interests used Facebook during the presidential election, and more important headlines.
Facebook is constantly making strides in security measures for protecting its users. In this case, the social media giant introduced some new protections for profile pictures in India.
Between now and 2040, global spending on new electricity generation capacity is forecast to reach $10.2 million, with nearly 75% of the investment being made in renewable energy generation.
GM announced this morning that it will end vehicle sales in India and direct its attention to markets in China, North America, and South America where it believes it can win.