The world is getting greener due to tree planting in China and increased agricultural activity both there and in India.
A new research report from McKinsey & Co. notes "ominous" parallels between Asian economies just prior to the financial crisis of 1997 and to those economies today.
To hear market pundits talk up the future of India, it might seem as though the future is bright and that there aren't any dark clouds. Those who have invested in India over the years might have a...
Currently, the top economy in the world is that of the United States, but it could be overtaken in the next decade according to new forecasts.
The air quality in one of the world's largest cities became so bad in the past two days that it is not fit to breathe, even for healthy people.
India has been one of the best growth economies measured by gross domestic product for some time, but the secular growth opportunity has faced multiple setbacks in 2018 that may persist,
Match Group shares made a handy gain on Tuesday after the company announced that it is trying out a few security feature in India before this feature might be rolled out globally.
New World Gold Council data shows that gold has continued to be an important part of central banks’ foreign exchange reserves in 2018. Yet central banks are far from being the only net buyers of...
The list of nations with troubled economies has grown in 2018, and these are just eight of the nations in which interest rates or inflation have become sky high.
Social media giant Facebook will be partnering up to broadcast Spain’s premier soccer league to South Asia.
YouTube plans to fight misleading videos, Disney expands footprint in India, the president attacks pharmaceutical companies for raising prices, and other business headlines.
India is the world's most dangerous country for women according to a new survey from the Thomson Reuters Foundation. An unspeakably vile rape culture in the country appears to be out of control.
Boeing has reportedly beaten Airbus to an order for new widebody passenger jets for India's Vistara airlines. The order has not been officially announced yet.
Walmart and Flipkart have reportedly agreed on a deal that would give Walmart a 75% stake in India's leading e-commerce firm for an investment of $15 billion.
India's great long-term growth opportunities have not translated into gains for investors so far in 2018. But Goldman Sachs feels that India likely will benefit from demographic trends, reforms and...