Insider Activity

La Jolla Pharmaceutical and Sarepta Therapeutics are among seven biotech stocks that have seen some notable insider trading recently.
Several allies hit back at Trump tariffs, S&P cuts Deutsche Bank's credit rating, a Goldman Sachs executive charged with insider trading, and other important headlines.
Here are four battered companies that some big name investors and insiders are buying shares of now.
It seems that GE's recently appointed CEO, John Flannery, is taking an increased stake in the company in hopes that it will turn around. But is it too late?
There is legal insider trading, where corporate insiders have windows of time buy or sell shares in their companies. And then there is illegal insider trading, whereby privileged information is used...
Most of the large biotech outfits in America have gone into a limbo mode. Alexion Pharmaceuticals fits that bill despite its more than $26 billion market cap. Is it possible that some real good...
Another week in which insider buying dominated the insider selling. This remains incredibly positive for stock investors after an eight-year bull market.
Strong insider buying is a positive sign for investors, given that once again, despite the highest volatility we have seen this year, all the indexes are trading at or near their all-time highs.
Windows for corporate executives to sell and buy shares were closed during earnings reporting season, and when they started to open last week, the buyers stormed back into the market in full force.
With the markets once again bumping up against and trading around all-time highs, we were somewhat surprised to see as much insider buying as we did last week.
While there are some broader issues to consider here, the reality is that the early sell-off in IBM shares on Friday has put pressure on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
The the man in charge of one of the nation's biggest railroads was among insiders making notable purchases of shares this past week.
Insider activity was limited last week, with windows for transactions being mostly closed, but we did see some huge institutional trades hit the tape.
The SEC has sought an emergency court order to freeze assets tied to two brokerage accounts used last week to reap over $1 million.
A very slow week by normal insider buying standards, and as we always like to remind our readers during earnings season, it is very likely to stay this way.