International Markets

While the U.S.-China trade war heats up again, investors can seek shelter in a number of U.S. equities that have little or no exposure to China. Here are 10 of the best.
The stock market indexes were taking it on the chin on Monday after President Donald Trump tweeted that new tariffs will go into effect shortly if trade talks with China do not result in a deal.
Sales of fake and pirated goods accounted for about 3.3% of all international trade in 2016.
U.S. trade contributes more than a quarter of U.S. GDP and 20% of all U.S. jobs, according to a new report sponsored by the U.S. Business Roundtable.
China's trade data came out today. It showed exports fell sharply in February, a stunning drop took economists by surprise.
Demand for jet fuel to meet the requirements of passenger airlines and freight carriers is forecast to rise by more than 27% between now and 2040 according to a new study by data research firm IHS...
2018 has been a strange time for investors. While the U.S. stock market sits close to all-time highs, many of the emerging and other developed markets nations have seen their shares take a beating....
The Turkish economic disaster caught many of the world's global financial experts by surprise, so it is no wonder that the catastrophe has roiled the markets so badly.
24/7 Wall St. has decided to take a look at the situation in Turkey so that investors, economists and the public have an idea of just how important and relevant this could be.
North Korea's GDP dropped the most last year that it has since 1997. This trouble poses a challenge to dictator Kim Jong-un, who oversees a nation in which millions of people live in poverty.
The world's cities are now home to more than half of the global population and the 300 largest cities account for nearly half of all global growth in employment and GDP per capita.
While the United States may never have an overall global trade surplus, bringing down the current huge deficits and lowering the barriers to foreign markets will be yet another positive for what...
As the Trump administration threatened tariffs of $200 billion on China imports, the People's Republic was quick to react.
Among the top six things to watch for today, look for a ruling on the AT&T bid to buy Time Warner and a potential merger in the medical products field. Also in the news: legislative maneuvering...
Several allies hit back at Trump tariffs, S&P cuts Deutsche Bank's credit rating, a Goldman Sachs executive charged with insider trading, and other important headlines.