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How Banks Are Replacing Treasuries, Utilities and CDs for Income Investors

Many investors need income from their stocks to help supplement their life or retirement. With the yield on Treasuries so low, and with the Federal Reserve embarking on an interest ...
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Did Massive ETF Inflows in Stocks, Bonds & Gold Mark a Summer Top in All 3 Asset Classes?

More and more cash is going to work into the financial markets. The problem with that statement is that the money is being put to work in all of the ...
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Netflix Can’t Wait to Issue More Debt

Strike while the iron is hot, they say. Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) has taken that advice following last week's earnings beat. The streaming video giant said Monday morning that it ...
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Triple Leverage ETFs Heading Into Emerging Market Bonds

The world of the triple-leveraged exchange traded funds (ETFs) has been deeply controversial. After all, they often have big tracking errors and they can face decay through time. Direxion has ...
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Tesla’s Junk Bonds as Hot as Tesla Stock

Tesla Inc.'s (NASDAQ: TSLA) offering of $1.5 billion in senior unsecured debt wasn't big enough for investors, so the company upped the sale to $1.8 billion to satisfy the demand. ...
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Bond Insurers Hold Up Against Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Exposure

There is another Greece situation that was actually closer to the U.S. and may have more directly exposure to the U.S. than Greece. The inevitable bankruptcy of Puerto Rico has finally ...
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Valeant Still Has a Long Way to Go on Paying Down Its Debt

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. (NYSE: VRX) is a company that many health care and activist investors alike wish they never had heard of. On Monday, May 1, 2017, its shares were ...
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Why Investors Are Looking Past Netflix Raising $1 Billion in Needed Capital

Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) has been a strong performer, along with many of the key Nasdaq stocks. The world’s leading independent internet television network has been able to raise capital ...
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As Tax Season Arrives, 8 Ways You Can Get Taxed on Municipal Bonds

It's tax season and the April tax filing deadline is less than two weeks away. Death and taxes are both supposed to be unavoidable. Most people do eventually come to ...
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Fed Rate Hikes Pose Risks for Parts of the Junk Bond Market

This week's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting is largely expected to generate the first formal interest rate hike of 2017. While most market participants are expecting a hike, there ...
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Despite Outflows, Hedge Funds Reached Record $2.97 Trillion in Assets in Q3

If you have tracked the news flows about various forms of asset management and investing tools over the years, you have seen a wild swing over the past couple of ...
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6 Things to Keep in Mind About Junk Bonds in Q4 and Into 2017

Some conservative investors might cringe when they hear the term "junk bonds." Investors with a higher appetite for risk may start to smile, looking forward to those fat juicy yields way ...
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High-Yield Defaults to Fall by Half in 2017: Fitch Ratings

If it weren't for the energy sector, the percentage of high-yield bond defaults would likely fall below the 2.2% pre-Great Recession average for the trailing 12 months ending in October. But ...
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Everyone May Be Junk Bond Investors, Whether They Know It or Not

When most bond investors invest, they probably think of Treasury bonds, government agency bonds or high-grade corporate bonds. Just hearing the terms "junk bonds" or "speculative grade" bonds might make ...
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Risks Becoming More Clear in Long-Dated Treasuries as Yields Keep Rising

Nothing lasts forever, and maybe that applies to incredibly low interest rates. The pressure remains high against bond prices as October gets off to a start. U.S. Treasury yields have ...
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