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Everyone May Be Junk Bond Investors, Whether They Know It or Not

When most bond investors invest, they probably think of Treasury bonds, government agency bonds or high-grade corporate bonds. Just hearing the terms "junk bonds" or "speculative grade" bonds might make ...
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Risks Becoming More Clear in Long-Dated Treasuries as Yields Keep Rising

Nothing lasts forever, and maybe that applies to incredibly low interest rates. The pressure remains high against bond prices as October gets off to a start. U.S. Treasury yields have ...
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BlackRock Grows Cautious About Long-Term Treasury Notes and Bonds

If you have wondered if we are in a bond market bubble with insultingly low interest rates, maybe you should hear what one of the top bond managers has to ...
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High-Yield Bond Defaults Trending Higher in September

The trailing 12-month default rate on U.S. high-yield bonds slipped from 5.1% at the end of July to 4.9% in August, following defaults on just $1.7 billion in high-yield debt. ...
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Why AMD’s Securities Offering Is Positive Despite Shares Falling

Any time that investors see a stock down 6% or more, they probably aren't going to be too keen on hearing that the drop is actually supposed to be good ...
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7 ETFs and Closed-End Funds Yielding Over 10%

Most traditional investors love dividends. After all, over half of all total returns through time have been traced back to dividends. Some investors will go to any length possible to ...
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15 Reasons That US Recession Risks Have Almost Vanished for 2016

This year has by and large been a rather nerve-racking one all around. The presidential election has taken an unprecedented and zany path, the stock market went from steady in 2015 ...
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Energy High-Yield Bond Defaults Most Since 2009

Through the first two months of the year, the trailing 12-month default rate on high-yield energy bonds is expected to reach 9%. Halfway through February, 11 high-yield bonds have defaulted, ...
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Fitch Highlights More Risks to Emerging Markets and High-Yield Credit

Fitch Ratings has released its latest global credit outlook. The good news is that overall credit ratings outlooks are said to be improving in most sectors in developed market regions. ...
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How Far Can Chesapeake Stock Fall?

It seems that not a week goes by unless we see Chesapeake Energy Corp. (NYSE: CHK) post another new low. The last time the shares traded at around $5.30 was ...
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A Complicated Yet Intriguing New International Junk Bond ETF

There is a new exchange-traded fund in town, and it is a mouthful to say the least. BlackRock has launched the iShares Currency Hedged Global ex-USD High Yield Bond ETF ...
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Another Debt Rating Downgrade in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is having a hard time finding very many fronts. Now comes news that ratings agency Standard & Poor's has downgraded the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico (GDB). ...
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Does the Puerto Rican Default Risk Hurt MBIA More Than Assured?

While most of the market has been focused on a Greek exit or even default, MBIA Inc. (NYSE: MBI) shares are suffering from a potential default closer to home. Puerto Rico ...
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Puerto Rico

How Much Puerto Rico Risk Is There at MBIA and Assured Guaranty?

Monday's stock market sell-off may have looked harsh as the Greece exit of the Euro looks closer and closer. Municipal bond investors now have a much larger risk in the ...
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Many Closed-End Bond Funds With Massive Discounts to NAV vs ETFs

Most investors who have been in the markets for more than the past decade knew about mutual funds long before they knew much about exchange traded funds (ETFs). While most ...
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