A recent analysis reveals the state with the highest rate of people voluntarily quitting their jobs was Hawaii.
A recent analysis reveals the companies with the largest wage discrepancies between CEOs and average workers.
A 24/7 Wall St. analysis reveals that the city with the longest average workweek is in Texas.
A recent analysis reveals that the states where the most people are quitting their jobs include Georgia and Kentucky.
This town in California once again has the highest unemployment rate in America.
A 24/7 Wall St. analysis has identified the college major with the lowest unemployment rate, which is effectively 0%.
A recent analysis reveals that Minneapolis and Seattle are the big U.S. cities with the happiest workforces.
A 24/7 Wall St. analysis reveals that the occupation with the oldest workers is farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers.
While many employers are struggling to recruit and retain workers, others are still laying off, firing or furloughing employees.
According to a recent analysis, the largest employer in America remains the one that pays the least.
Wyoming is the state with the most public sector workers, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.
More than half of Utah residents have had to work from home due to the pandemic.
The voting on union representation for an Amazon warehouse in Alabama ended Monday and vote counting begins today. The winner may not be known until next week, or even later depending on potential...
Workers in the United States have a relatively long average workweek, compared with those in Scandinavian countries.
Using state-level data on the share of workforces that belong to a labor union, 24/7 Wall St. identified South Carolina as the state with the weakest unions.