One of America's richest states had the highest unemployment rate in June, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
One of America's poorest states had the lowest unemployment rate in June, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Nevada employment was particularly hard hit because of the hospitality industry, mostly centered in Las Vegas. Gambling in the city was shut down, and with it, countless restaurants and hotels.
The jobs report for April was horrible enough. The situation is was even worse for black and Hispanic Americans, with jobless rates well above the national average.
Many teenagers count on summer jobs to supplement income for the balance of the year. For a huge number, that opportunity is lost this year.
Amazon's management faces what could be an insurmountable enemy: illnesses among its own workers and their desire to be protected from illness.
As huge retailers, particularly Amazon and Walmart, add tens of thousands of jobs to the economy, much smaller Instacart is in the midst of adding 550,000.
Boeing has announced a voluntary layoff for eligible employees but the company did not provide specific details which it said would be coming in three to four weeks.
U.S. companies announced more than 222,000 job cuts in March, a year-over-year increase of nearly 300%. The vast majority of the job losses were attributed to the outbreak of COVID-19.
Department store operator Macy’s announced on Monday that it will furlough a “majority” of its employees as a result of ongoing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.
A recent survey by Challenger, Gray & Christmas indicates that nearly all U.S. companies have either already instituted or are considering instituting work-from-home policies during the coronavirus...
Workers at Amazon's huge Staten Island, New York, warehouse may go on strike. What will happen to homebound people if they start to lose access to the inventory that Amazon ships?
If Amazon starts to shut down, piece by piece, one of America's lifelines for people and businesses will begin to disappear.
While most businesses are laying off or furloughing employees, Dollar General is going in the opposite direction.
Private and public hospitals need thousands of medical professionals in their frontline fight to care for the surging number of coronavirus infected patients. Where are military medical personnel...