Ford’s evolution into an electric car company was cited as a reason for recent layoffs.
24/7 Wall St. has developed this layoff tracker to keep track of the notable job cuts.
Are recent job cuts at Walmart as big a deal as the business press seems to think?
Ford management continues a media tour in which it slowly signals layoffs. The most recent example is a comment by its chief financial officer. CFO John Lawler told Yahoo! Finance that “We’re...
The age of the electric vehicle seems to be a chance to revolutionize Ford’s fleet and eliminate billions of dollars in expenses.
The car business is almost always hit hard by an economic downturn. Employment in the industry probably will continue to weaken.
What do substantial layoffs at Netflix, Peloton, Tesla and others say about the state of the economy?
While many employers are struggling to recruit and retain workers, others are still laying off, firing or furloughing employees.
Robert Iger, former Disney chief executive and current executive board chair, made $21.0 million for 2020, as the company fired and furloughed thousands, mostly at its theme parks.
IBM has revealed plans to cut around 10,000 jobs in its European operations. The cuts are expected to fall heavily on the services business that Big Blue plans to spin off next year.
Some airlines and Disney theme parks have announced thousands of layoffs. Other airlines, theme parks and hotels are likely to follow suit.
Layoffs in the travel and entertainment industry could upend the economic recovery. The process already has begun and is certain to spread.
Harvard University's endowment value of nearly $42 billion apparently is not enough to make certain all Harvard's employees stay in place.
For some reason, a comeback for nearly every business with doors, seats, tables and rooms was in the offing. Layoffs at Disney theme parks have put a flame to that.
Announced job cuts for the first eight months of this year surpass 2019's 12-month total for last year. Roughly 1.1 million of the cuts are related to the COVID-19 pandemic.