A recent analysis reveals that the rise in artificial intelligence will result in 14 million jobs being lost by 2027.
Bob Iger, the returned chief executive, is supposed to be Disney’s savior. Are layoffs his only option?
Facebook is preparing to lay off thousands more of its workers in April and May.
Best Buy fired at least several hundred workers recently. It is either a sign of a slowing economy, or an admission that its business model is flagging. Either way, it is not good for the future of...
McDonald’s told some of its workers to stay home. It wanted to fire them remotely. It is not exactly a proud day for management, which might have had the courage to do it face-to-face. According to...
Job cuts became very brutal recently, but is that about to change?
After it dumps 18% of its workforce, will there be enough staff left for Lucid to be a viable manufacturer?
If 2022 was a year of mass resignations, towards the end of the year conditions changed, and companies began announcing mass layoffs – and this continued in 2023, perhaps in even greater force....
Meta Platforms has been widely criticized for laying off 20,000 people but inventors cheered.
In the name of profit, Ford said it would fire more people, pushing the total numbers in the past year well into the thousands.
Soon, Ford will have fewer employees than it does today.
Tech companies have laid off hundreds of thousands of workers but their chief executives have not been fired or resigned.
Bed Bath & Beyond says it is looking at “strategic alternatives.” Layoffs are almost certainly in its future.
Amazon announced an increase to 18,000 staff firings and AMD launched new chips at the CES show in Las Vegas.
Washington Post staff cuts have begun and will worsen if advertising continues to fall and its subscriber business does not recover.