The equity markets will start to fall as parts of the economy shut down again and it becomes clear that as many as 15 million lost jobs cannot be replaced.
American has been one of the great U.S. airlines for decades. Laying off 25,000 people, about the population of a small U.S. city, is a sign that it faces a set of unprecedented challenges.
American Airlines may be joining the list of companies that are furloughing employees during this coronavirus pandemic.
United Airlines may lay off as many as 36,000 employees in October. Its new CEO will waive his salary until the end of the year. But what does that mean exactly?
Due to the sharp fall-off of commercial aircraft demand, brought on by the nosedive of travel, Airbus plans to cut employees, the number of which is equivalent to a small city.
What does it say about long-term industry expectations when a leader in the cannabis field is laying off more employees and closing plants as a restructuring effort?
HSBC will move forward with the 35,000 layoffs it delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That is more than the population of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
AT&T plans to fire 3,400 technical and clerical workers and close more than 250 stores costing another 1,900 people their jobs. The company may also be trying to sell its gaming division and is...
As the destruction of America's daily newspapers accelerates due to the spread of COVID-19, one state's largest paper will cut its staff by 50%. While papers have cut staff in dozens of cities, this...
Another energy company believes it is overstaffed. Oil giant BP will cut 10,000 jobs. Most of those jobs will be office based.
American Airlines will lay off 5,000 people. The airline has been crippled by the sharp decline in travel.
Layoffs in India mark the latest step in Uber's cost-cutting and capital management strategy. But the ride-hailing service also faces legal troubles in California, New York and other states.
J.C. Penney shares are worthless. That leaves J.C. Penney’s 90,000 workers in limbo.
Retailer J.C. Penney is about to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to a number of sources. That leaves its 90,000 workers in limbo.
Uber has run out of ways to attract riders while the spread of COVID-19 requires safety rules and social distancing. Revenue has collapsed.