The world's largest yacht belongs to a member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family.
BofA Securities had issued a new Buy rating on Virgin Galactic, along with a street-high price objective.
Amazon has launched a Luxury Stores section with iconic American fashion house Oscar de la Renta as its first store. Got to give the e-commerce behemoth credit for never giving up on selling luxury...
Tiffany's acquisition by French luxury goods firm LVMH is in danger of being canceled due to a dispute between the United States and the European Union over tariffs on certain luxury goods.
A graded and authenticated T206 Honus Wagner card is about to close in an auction and will fetch a record price.
Are baseball cards a hobby or an investment? If so, are we witnessing the same sort of bubble that was seen back in the 1980s and early 1990s?
A research note from Morgan Stanley questions whether the cruise lines have raised enough capital. Still, shares of main cruise line operators were surging on Wednesday.
While cruises are being sold at dirt-cheap prices for future sailings, the industry has further extended the relaunch of its vessels for future cruises due to multiple conditions around the COVID-19...
Neiman Marcus is not the first retailer to enter into bankruptcy protection in this recession. It likely will not be the last.
The recession is crushing the lottery along with everything else. Buying a lottery ticket may have become a luxury expense, now that over 26 million American workers have filed for unemployment in...
It’s a tough time to be an apparel and fashion retailer. On top of millions of people people having become jobless, many retail destinations have been deemed non-essential and have been forced...
Cadillac had a very rough year in 2019. Deliveries of one of its low-end vehicles were the only thing that kept the period from being a wreck.
The premium for buying a condo in a building with the Trump name on it has fallen by nearly 30%.
Paris-based luxury goods giant LVMH and Tiffany have agreed to the French company's acquisition of the New York-based jewelry icon for $135 a share.
LVMH's $14.5 billion bid for Tiffany may be just an opening for more to come.