Credit risk analysts at Moody's have changed their outlook on the metals and mining sector from stable to negative. Only one mining industry may have a better experience.
Moody's has upgraded its outlook on the oil refining and marketing sector from negative to positive for 2021. The upgrade is based on sharp improvements over a dismal 2020.
Moody's Investors Service has revised its outlook for energy midstream companies from stable to negative. The first time the firm has lowered its outlook on the sector.
Here are 10 fresh credit rating actions that investors will want to consider when analyzing the finances of companies.
The major agencies have issued multiple credit ratings downgrades and negative credit ratings views Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning.
24/7 Wall St. has pulled multiple reports and opinions about how Ford should be viewed after its credit rating downgrade.
There are many reasons to doubt the turnaround plans of Ford CEO Jim Hackett. Moody's downgrading Ford's debt to "junk" status is one of them.
Ford was just given an unfortunate verdict on how the financial markets will treat the company when it needs to raise capital.
In another sign that the traditional retail industry is falling apart, research firm Moody's reported that retailer defaults reached an all-time high in the first quarter
Downgrades never come at a good time, but the Moody's decision makes the acute problem of Brexit worse.
When investors hear that one of the world’s top credit ratings agencies has issued a sovereign downgrade of one of the world’s biggest nations, it tends to bring more than just some...
Volvo said all of its new cars sold in 2019 and after will either be electric or hybrid, Qatar said it will sharply increase natural gas production and Samsung may pass Intel as the world's largest...
Despite lower oil prices and despite share prices being a far cry from their recent peak, Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM) just got a serious credit ratings vote of confidence. Moody’s Investors...
When the public hears news that a major nation takes a major credit rating downgrade, it should bring at least some cause for concern.
Moody’s has downgraded China’s credit rating. The new "stable" outlook seems to mean that the balance of risk and upside are now adequately reflected in the larger global macroeconomic picture.