Mortgage Bankers Association

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been approved to purchase some single-family home loans in forbearance. This may help maintain liquidity in the nation's mortgage market.
Mortgage lenders are facing a drain on cash from margin calls on mortgage-backed securities that have been hedged against loss before the securities begin trading.
Applications for new mortgage loans dipped by 5% week over week according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, but remain about 10% higher than at the same time last year.
The Mortgage Bankers Association on Wednesday reported that mortgage loan applications rose last week with a surge in refinancing applications for FHA loans.
The Thanksgiving holiday cooled demand for mortgage loans last week. Mortgage interest rate changes were small and mixed.
Mortgage loan rates dipped slightly last week, sending applications for new loans higher.
Mortgage loan rates declined last week, but demand for refinancings also declined. Purchase applications rose, another hopeful sign for the housing market.
Applications for new mortgage loans rose nearly 10% last week on stronger demand for refinancing. Mortgage loan rates moved a bit higher as well.
Mortgage loan rates dropped slightly last week and applications for new mortgages remained flat while refinancings rose.
Applications for new mortgages declined slightly last week. Mortgage loan rates rose modestly as week over week as bond investors saw some hope for a trade agreement between China and the United...
Mortgage loan rates rose last week, with conventional 30-year fixed mortgages topping 4%. Refinancings were down sharply.
Applications for new mortgage loans rose just slightly last week as mortgage interest rates popped higher. Volatility in the mortgage market is making it difficult for borrowers to lock-in a low rate.
Mortgage loan rates on a 30-year fixed-rate loan dropped last week and home mortgage refinancing posted a second consecutive double-digit increase.
Applications for new mortgage loans rose last week both as a response to slightly lower interest rates and a sharp increased in mortgage refinancing.
Mortgages loans for new purchases and refinancings dropped sharply last week as mortgage interest rates climbed.