Call it part of the implosion of the American newspaper industry. A 126-year-old, Pulitzer Prize-winning daily newspaper will lay off its entire staff as it changes ownership.
As more and more newspapers close, and others cut staffs to the point where they cannot be effective at the examination and reporting of local events and politics, the industry's nosedive has...
The list of daily newspapers that have shut down grows more rapidly by the year, not to mention those that have had massive layoffs.
The Reading Eagle may not be the last paper that survives mostly in name only. The newspaper industry's tragedy is far from over.
Many in the industry expected that if Digital First Media directors began to influence the Gannett board, then Gannett faced dismantling. Eventually, Digital First might even become Gannett's owner.
The Times-Picayune, the primary newspaper in New Orleans, has been sold to its major rival. The deal will result in the layoff of every member of the Times-Picayune staff.
Most large and midsized metro newspapers had sales erosion of 5% to 12% last year, and the drop in revenue is expected to continue this year.
Local newspapers are being increasingly supplanted by digital sources of news. Will local newspapers be able to survive and compete in this brave new world?
A consolidation almost certainly would kill dozens of jobs at the corporate level and others in geographic areas where the two companies have properties that overlap.
Buffett's dwindling support to the newspapers he owns shows that his belief the industry is falling, if it has not already gone.
McClatchy makes large staff cuts, American Airlines cuts flights because of fuel prices, Uber picks a chief financial officer, and other important business headlines.
A rumored buyout boosts shares of newspaper company Tronc, Samsung unveils a new smartphone, the housing market starts to falter, and other important business headlines.
Plans for a huge retail merger deal are dropped, the tariff war between the United States and China escalates, the SEC examines by Elon Musk comments about taking Tesla private, and other important...
If recent news from the newspaper industry is a sign that revenue dropped another 10% in the second quarter of the year, that would put it on a pace to be about the same as the falloff in 2017.
Nike to raise the compensation of many employees, newsroom staff of The New York Daily News cut by half, Russian hackers may have hit the U.S. electric grid, and other important business headlines.