Italy, France and Spain rely so much on tourism and the exports of discretionary purchase items that their economies may be ruined as much as in the Great Recession.
The global economy has been recovering more quickly than expected according to the latest economic outlook from the OECD. However, the recovery is tenuous and its sustainability relies on confidence...
The Business Roundtable released results its second-quarter CEO survey, noting that the quarter's index score was the lowest in more than a decade.
The conclusions of the OECD's Economic Outlook June 2020 report could hardly be uglier.
The OECD has chopped its forecast for 2020 global economic growth by half a percentage point. The coronavirus outbreak and its impact on China are the primary causes but other risks also exist.
Here is another sign of how close Europe's overall economy is to contraction and how perilous the global expansion is going into the end of 2019.
The OECD forecast of global gross domestic product and growth nation by nation has just hit the lowest level since the financial crisis.
The OECD's annual "Going for Growth" report was released Friday and the U.S. gets a mixed review.
A new OECD report on skills development focuses on the need to ensure that adults have the digital skills they need to thrive in the years ahead. The United States scores well in some respects and...
The OECD's new economic survey of Mexico suggests the country's overall macroeconomic future is sound, but there are problems that need to be addressed.
Recent trends in counterfeit and pirated goods point to a steadily rising tide. Those goods now consist of more than 3% of global trade, according to a new report.
After a years-long recovery from the Great Recession, the impressive rate of improvement may have peaked. And there is a danger that the pace could turn the other way.
A new report from Transparency International indicates that more than half the value of all international trade comes from 33 countries where anti-bribery laws receive little or no enforcement.
The chances for wage increases in the economy, particularly at the low end of the scale, are depressing. And GDP faces a real threat as discretionary spending probably falters.
The OECD on Wednesday released its 2018 Economic Survey of the United States. The group sees good growth in GDP over the next two years but warns of risks related to trade policy and job growth among...