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Disney posted an adjusted profit in June quarter, but it was based on a large impairment charge and cost savings. The plan actually to post a profit is simple: be more like Netflix.
Moody's Investors Service has initiated reviews of several small and mid-size U.S. banks, while EV maker Lucid missed Q2 estimates and is getting rewarded for it.
Ukraine has reportedly attacked one of Russia's major oil-exporting bases.
The world's largest oil companies are reporting earnings for the June quarter. It is not pretty, but higher dividends and more stock buybacks are likely to keep investors in line.
The Teamsters union and UPS have reached a tentative agreement that avoids a strike of the company's 340,000 union members. It's about time a union won something, according to a labor historian.
AMC's proposed settlement with disgruntled APEs gets rejected and Twitter gets a new logo.
Microsoft's acquisition of Activistion Blizzard does not appear to be stoppable. And another Russian government agency has banned the use of Apple mobile devices, alleging that they are not secure.
The nation's largest banks are kicking off the new earnings season with better than expected results, and the FTC is making news with a new investigation into OpenAI's ChatGPT.
Elon Musk and 11 others have formed a new AI company to 'understand the nature of the universe,' while the FTC is appealing a federal court decision that helped clear the way for Microsoft's...
EV maker Fisker pulled most EV makers along in its wake Monday. There was one big exception, though.
OpenAI's new code interpreter gets a road test, and EV maker Fisker raises $340 million in a convertible note offering.
Musk threatens to sue Meta over the new Threads social media app; Tesla faces an early challenge in its cartel promise; and Alibaba is about to be let off the hook.
U.S. markets are trading lower for a second straight day. No upside catalyst has appeared, and traders may begin to be wondering if one will ever show up.
Contract negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters Union have broken down and a strike of some 340,000 workers is threatened for the end of July.
Tesla reported better than expected second-quarter production and deliveries on Sunday, and the shares traded up about 6.7% in Monday's premarket.