This renowned economist and former Treasury Secretary has thoughts about the prospects for the U.S. economy now.
No other period of the year matches the holiday season as a barometer of economic health.
Experts warn that a recession has become likely. But can a recession brought on by inflation be stopped by full employment?
Activist investor Carl Icahn has serious concerns about the Fed's ability to engineer a soft landing for the economy.
The economy has reached a crossroads, and the K-shaped recovery has started to worsen.
The trillions and trillions of economic stimulus ultimately have to be paid for by some means. Now the whole world seems to be drowning in debt.
Serious implications arise from governmental shutdowns. The success or failure of an outcome may come down simply to how it affects most people.
There are lots of reasons to be cautious about the month of October, and that is certainly the case for 2020.
The Congressional Budget Office publishes each year a nonpartisan long-term projection of what it expects will be seen in federal deficits, debt, spending, and revenues. The annual report looks out...
Economists have traditionally used three letters to describe an economic recovery. A “V-shaped” one is a sharp decline in gross domestic product followed by a rapid recovery. The process...
In the midst of the worst recession of a lifetime, the Federal Reserve has built up a balance sheet of roughly $7 trillion. This has been paid for by trillions of dollars that were newly created in a...
The big question now is just how long it will take to make up the recent massive losses to U.S. gross domestic product.
Can a small city that is relatively isolated and has several small businesses ride out a recession that has badly damaged almost every other part of the country?
The primary debate among economists is how badly the world economy is damaged now and will be in the future.
Anyone who has walked by or driven past strip malls knows that many of the businesses there are closed down during the COVID-19 pandemic. What may not be as obvious is just how many of those...