There has been a great deal of concern about the future of the iPhone X, the most expensive Apple smartphone. That worry was overdone. It was the best-selling smartphone model in the world during the...
Facebook posts its latest earnings report, Ford will change the number of models it sells, Subway will close stores in the United States, and other important headlines.
Apple is expected to launch a new tablet Tuesday aimed at the education market, while research firm TrendForce forecasts a decline of 3% in demand for tablets.
An increase in short interest is meaningless when compared to Apple's overall share activity. On the other hand, that does not mean the short sellers are wrong.
The Weinstein Company will file for Chapter 11, "Black Panther" had another huge ticket sales weekend, GE will restate earnings for the past two years, and other important headlines.
Fourth-quarter global smartphone sales declined by more than 5%, according to new report from analysts at Gartner. That's the first year-over-year decline since the firm began keeping sales records...
For the first time ever, Apple's iPhone captured more than half of all revenues from global smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of last year.
Chip sales help Samsung post an impressive profit, unemployment in Germany reaches a record low, the head of a Swiss bank forecasts a huge market correction this year, and other important headlines.
A SpaceX rocket botched an important government satellite launch, Intel trumpeted the future of its self-driving car technology, and other important headlines.
A widely regarded research firm forecasts that global smartphone production will fall 5% this year. The drop will be uneven as several companies face severe challenges.
Despite the iPhone X's many strengths, a new Consumer Reports tests faulted it for a screen that breaks too easily and poor battery life.
The CEO of Samsung will step down, the FAA ordered Airbus to inspect engines on its largest passenger jets, there are more Uber cars in New York than taxis, and more headlines.
Elon Musk said Tesla could help run the electrical grid of Puerto Rico, Whirlpool got help fighting the flow of imported appliances, and other important headlines.
Samsung Electronics has become the 39th firm to receive a permit to conduct testing of self-driving cars and technology in California. It's a crowded field and it's just getting started.
Samsung heir and leader Jay Y. Lee was convicted of bribery and related charges, Amazon will cut prices at Whole Foods, Hurricane Harvey could temporarily raise oil prices, and more important...